Receiving Your Order

We try to do all of our transactions over skype where we can type to you in real time during the trade. Add us on skype: InfestationJack

After payment is received we can meet at blue ridge, goblin peak, or castle pine to complete the trade. We will ask you to send us some information so we can varify you are the person who placed the order.

If we are not online we will keep in contact until we can meet. You can check out our delivery times page where it will let you know when we will be on! (Currently under construction)

Scheduled delivery times

Currently Under Construction

Here you can see when we will be available to deliver items. You can place a order knowing by what time you will have them on your character. Please note that if it says we will be on in 12 hours, we could be on before that time, but that is the time we will be on 100% .